Steven Webb - Mayor of Truro and Host of Stillness in the Storms Podcast

Steven Webb Mayor of Truro holding Mayor's portrait

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Steven Webb

Steven Webb is the host of Stillness in the Storms Podcast and the current Mayor of Truro, Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

After Steven hit rock bottom when he turned 40, he found ways to reduce his suffering and now brings these teachings and life skills to his role as mayor and his podcast so you can find inner peace even in the most difficult times.

Steven ended up severely paralysed after a diving accident in 1991. The technical name for Steven’s spinal-cord injury is C5 complete tetraplegic/quadriplegic. Because of the severity of Steven’s injury he uses an electric wheelchair. He requires 24-hour care due to suffering from the life-threatening condition Autonomic Dysreflexia which affects many spirally injured patients.

There’s more to his story on his blog, and he regularly shares parts of his story on his podcast which is available on all platforms.